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Top Notch Facilities. Outstanding Events.

From first class changing rooms, physio therapy facilities to excellent entertainment facilities for events and functions, the Hertford Rugby Football Club is boasting with top notch facilities to cater to both players and visitors.



Conveniently located

Ideally situated between Ware and Hertford, the extensive Clubhouse is located in grounds of 20 acres and is accessed by a short private drive to a generous car parking space. 

The club houses many top notch facilities, including the popular Club House and Executive Suite that are available for private hire.




The Hertford RFC owns and manages a 60 acre site in Ware, Hertfordshire with first class facilities. These include:

  • 1,000 sq ft Bar

  • 1,500 sq ft 150 person capacity Hall

  • 40 capacity Conference Suite

  • 10 Pitches / playing areas

  • Gym

  • Physiotherapy Centre

These facilities cater both to the players and visitors and offer an excellent experience on match days, during private events or simply when meeting mates at the bar.

Explore facilities



Club events

The Hertford RFC is all about the community and maintains a busy events calendar throughout the year. 

One of the highlights is the popular Ladies Day event, with more than 300 attendees each year.

Other festivities will feature barbecues, live music, match day lunches and kids days.

Event calendars

Match Day events

Social calendar

Explore our social calendar ranging from live music to quizzes. For more information please contact us.

Full calendar

Get ahead with you planning!

For all matches, events and social occasions, have a look at our full calendar.

Private functions

The Hertford RFC is a fantastic venue throughout the year and can be booked for a plethora of private events including weddings, formal dinners, professional training events or evening parties.

Its ample parking facilities and convenient location make it the perfect venue for private festivities in a top notch location.

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